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This assignment is due before 11:59PM on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.
Links to tutorials and other Python resources are posted on the resources page.

Python Bootcamp : Assignment 3

This week we will start writing some code! This assignment is designed to be a crash-course to get you up to speed on the level of Python you will need to know in order to do the remainder of the assignments. It’s easiest to learn by doing, so please start early so we can help you get on board. You want to spend the semester focusing on the crowdsourcing and machine learning, not the indenting and semicoloning.

To start with, download the skeleton file Jupyter notebook and upload it to Google Colab. And you can start working from there. For a tutorial on Jupyter notebooks, download this notebook and walk through it on Colab.

Detailed instructions are given in the skeleton file. Functions that are required for you to implement are in python format. Some examples are embedded as comments for your reference.

Two deliverables are required for you to upload to Gradescope:

  1. IPython notebook homework3.ipynb modified with your implementation;
  2. The corresponding python file.

You can download both files through the drop-down menu of “File” in the Colab environment.

Notice: Before you make submissions to Gradescope, make sure that all the codes except the required functions are commented, including the provided examples.

This homework can also be done in pairs. Only one group member is required to submit the work. Both of you will share the same submission and get the same grading.